• Mobi Handle - Easy to Handle

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Fashionable Freedom In Your Hand

- Dropping your phone often?

-  Not comfortable holding your phone?

Mobi Handle will free-up your hands with comfort


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Why use Mobi Handle?

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Can't live without it

Tried everything, but only Mobi Handle is very comfortable and secure!

Rony G.

I finally don't drop my phone anymore

Very high quality like high-end jewelry. Amazing stand, perfect with MobiHandle magnetic holder, which is also great

Sarah Chen

We use both - Mobihandle and its magnetic stand

The are clearly made for each other. I use Mobihandle with a strap, everyone in my family using it. My kids hang charms on Mobi handle and they love it

Kate S.

Very thin and comfortable

 I don't feel it in the pocket of my slim jeans. I hold the phone only by Mobi Handle, very comfy.

Samuel L.

Magnetic Holder & Stand

Mobi Handle

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