Mobi Handle

Phone holder / Phone stand
Most comfortable, reliable, secure, versatile phone ring grip
Never drop or lose your phone again
Works great with magnetic phone car mount
Charm holder

Change the way you use your mobile phone

Why use Mobi Handle?

Much easier to hold the phone - this unique and patented design allows to comfortably hold your phone in any position

One hand operation - you no longer need to hold the phone with one hand and touch the screen with another. While holding your phone by Mobi Handle, your thumb is completely free and comfortable to touch anywhere on the screen. Stable and comfortable control of your phone - easily control the angle of the phone by two fingers while holding the phone very solidly in your hand, and very comfortably.Use the phone while laying down - when holding the phone by Mobi Handle, the phone will fill like glued to your hand, even when laying down. Never drop your phone on your face again!Never drop your phone again - your mobile device will stick to your hand with Mobi Handle so firmly, it will be hard to ever drop it

Never break your phone again - when you don't drop it with Mobi Handle you don't break it. For those who want 100% protection from dropping, Mobi Handle's unique design allows it to be strapped to a chain or a rope that can be attached to anything on your body, like a belt or even over the neck

Phone case may no longer needed - why bother when you no longer drop the phone with help of Mobi Handle

Great security from stealing - no one can grab your phone from you with Mobi Handle, as it is strongly attached to your fingers or a chain

Use Mobi Handle as a stand - at perfect angle to watch your favorite movies and videos. Why hold the phone in your hands when you can put in on any surface like TV?Protect your phone from getting wet when it is laying on a desk. If you spill your coffee on the desk, the liquid will touch Mobi Handle, but not your phone - because its design keeps the phone to be slightly raised above the flat surface

Protect your phone's camera from damage. When the phone is placed on any flat surface or even dropped, Mobi Handle will always keep the camera at a distance from the surface.Flat thin design - you don't even feel it in the pocket

Extremely light - virtually weightless and will not add much weight to your phone

Easier to use phone for phone calls - yes, it is more comfortable to hold-on to Mobi Handle than to your phone (especially larger phones) while pressing it to your ear